Your Business Name

Your business name is important. It's key to your company's brand identity. But it's easy to get overwhelmed with choosing the perfect name before you even start. With the explosion of businesses nowadays, choosing the perfect business name can be like finding a needle in a haystack. Ugh... Let me demystify this for you. If you put in the time to do the research, and like the way it sounds (out loud), if it's relevant and relatable to you... go with it.

Here are a few tips and questions to consider. I've included some of these in your the attachment to help you along, along with a few links to sites that generate business names but the bottom line to it all is...

✅ Think of a few names that suit your company style and its services. Here are a few sites to help get you started.

✅ How does the name look on paper and does it sound when you say it out loud?

  • Is it difficult to spell and/or pronounce? People have very short attention spans. If they have to overthink it when visiting your website or sending you an email… you may want to consider that (even if as a filter for those outside of your target market).
  • Does it have one of those overused terms in it? Remember those terms that you were totally over after hearing them a million times in one week? Be careful
  • Does it convey the tone and feel of your business? Or more importantly, does it betray the tone and feel of your business?
  • People love alliteration, perhaps consider using words that start with the same consonant

✅ Is it available as a domain name? Use these online tools to do a quick check.

✅ Check with your county clerk's office to see if it's on the list of fictitious or assumed business names.

✅ Is it being used as a trademark?

✅ Research social media profiles. Is there anyone using that name, @mention and/or hashtag? (Is it brandable?)

✅ Survey your community. Find out what they think. Ask key questions such as “what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear…” and “what do you think of …”. Also, create a survey with the following.

Once you've selected a name, go ahead and register it with your county clerk.

Congrats! You've got yourself a business name.